Monday, December 20, 2010

Snowmen Christmas Centre-piece

A great way to add a bit of Christmas charm to your Christmas dinner is with a snowman themed centre-piece. These DIY snowmen from the DIY Network look great and make a great project for getting into the Christmas spirit!

What You Need:

• 2 glittered snowballs (as created above), one slightly larger than the other
• Scrapbooking eyelets and brads (for eyes and details)
• 3 small buttons
• 2 toothpicks
• felt scraps (for the snowman’s scarf and hat)
• 2 two-litre soda bottle caps
• permanent marker
• orange acrylic craft paint
• tacky glue
• embellishments


1. Secure the larger snowball (the body) to the smaller snowball (the head) by pushing a toothpick into the body and placing the head on top. Flip the snowman over and push one of the two-liter soda bottle caps into the bottom of the body to form a firm base.

2. Use the permanent marker to color the other two-liter soda cap. This will be the top of the snowman’s hat. Cut a small circle of felt to form the brim of the snowman’s hat. Glue the soda cap to the brim. Once dry, glue the hat in the desired position on the head of the snowman.

3. Working on the face of the snowman, place and push eyelets or brads into the foam to form the eyes, mouth, cheeks, etc. You can use tacky glue for extra security.

4. Paint the second toothpick orange and allow to dry. Cut the toothpick in half and push into the nose area of the face to form the carrot nose. Tacky glue can be used for extra security.

5. Cut the felt into a long rectangular shape and snip fringe at the ends to make a scarf. You can layer up many shapes and colors of felt to add details. Wrap and glue the scarf around the snowman’s neck. Add buttons and any additional embellishments.

6. Working on the body, glue buttons down the front or push brads into the body for extra details.

Visit the DIY Network for more great Christmas ideas, including snowballs and snowmen tree ornaments.

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