Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bzzz Bzzz: Spring Cake Pops

Bee Cake Pops

These very cute Bee Cake Pops are from Bakerella, our all time favourite site for everything sweet! Not only are these bees very cute, they make a great decorative statement to herald the beautiful spring weather!

Follow the instructions for making basic cake pops, shaping the balls into ovals and use the following to decorate.

You’ll need: 

• Yellow candy melts
• White candy melts
• Black candy writers
• Black edible ink pen
• Chocolate jimmies
• Lollipop sticks
• Styrofoam block


• You can prepare the wings ahead of time. Use a round cutter to cut away a small section from each white candy melt. You want the curve to be similar in shape to the side of the cake pop so you can attach it without much of a gap.

• Dip the pops in yellow coating. When dry, use a black candy writer to pipe on stripes and then dip the wings, cut side down into a tiny bit of leftover yellow coating. Then carefully attached it to the cake pop, holding the wings in place until the coating sets. Place in a styrofoam block to dry.

• When the pops are dry, draw on cute little faces with a black edible ink pen.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Etch a Butterfly Motif on Glass

The Bride's Diary loves this tutorial from the O'Neil Sisters for transforming an ordinary window into something extraordinary! This tutorial will bring the beauty of a butterfly garden to your patio with a whimsical etched window. Just pick up an old wooden window at the flea market, mask a flower and butterfly design, then etch with real etch cream. As you rinse your window clean, the ethereal image will be revealed!

While this tutorial is intended to create a beautiful decoration for your outdoor living space, The Bride's Diary also think this could be incorporated into your wedding! Why not create an etched backdrop for your seating plan? Or place you and your groom's names and wedding date in the centre of the design, and use as an entrance piece for your reception. Not only will it create a unique statement at your reception, it will be a beautiful keepsake to decorate your new home!


• Wooden window from the flea market
• White Con-Tact paper (not shelf liner)
• Plaid Silhouette Stencils:
  - Butterfly 29636
  - Floral Burst 29640
  - Chandelier 29637
• Armour Etch glass etching cream (10 oz)
• Steel chain*
• 2 Screw hooks (3½”)


• Sharpie marker
• Scissors
• Drop cloth
• Window cleaner
• Paper towels
• Protective gloves
• Sponge paintbrush
• Kitchen timer
• Drill


1. Start by making a set of large stickers to use as a mask. To do this trace the Silhouette stencils onto the Con-Tact paper using a Sharpie. Cut them out with scissors but do not remove the backing yet. Arrange the cut-outs on your window to create a pleasing design. Make a sketch or take a snapshot with a digital camera to refer to later.

2. Set the stickers aside, don your gloves, and thoroughly clean the window with window cleaner and paper towels. It is very important to clean any and all oil from your fingers off the window. Any fingerprints will show up when you etch, and your finished project could end up looking like a crime scene!

3. With your gloves still on, peel the backing off the stickers and press your design onto the window. Use your snapshot from before as a guide. Crumple a piece of the adhesive backing into a ball and use the slippery side to rub down all the edges of your stickers. Clean the glass one more time by spraying the window cleaner onto the paper towel and carefully wiping the exposed glass around your stickers.

4. For the etching process, take the window outside and lay it flat on a drop cloth. Be sure you are still wearing your gloves. Using the sponge paintbrush, apply a thick layer of etch cream over the glass and stickers. Your brushstrokes will show, so use a swirling motion to create a pattern with the etch cream. Once your window is entirely covered with etch cream, set your timer for 5 minutes.

5. After 5 minutes, rinse the etch cream off the window with a garden hose. Rub the surface with your gloved hand to help clean the glass.

6. Take off your gloves and peel all the stickers off the window. Rinse again with the garden hose to remove any remaining etch cream. Let the window dry.
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